A Portfolio is an option offered to all Undergraduate UWGB students.

Any undergraduate UWGB student who has experience and learning equivalent to college level learning may be awarded degree credit for that learning. The Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) process requires the learning to be related to courses or programs at UWGB. Faculty members use the Portfolio process and individual assessment to decide whether and how much credit a student can receive for prior learning. The faculty does not award credit for experience; instead, the faculty awards credit for learning acquired from experiencesA student cannot earn academic credit for previous education or life experiences for which credit has already been earned or transferred from another institution. If you have previously taken a course and did poorly in it, you cannot complete a Portfolio to try and improve the grade.

A Portfolio is a collection of written evidence supporting a student’s claim of prior learning. Sometimes faculty members will interview students and/or give exams when they need additional information to substantiate the request. The portfolio should contain two major components: a Prior Learning Narrative and accompanying documentation.

The Prior Learning Narrative describes the learning in detail and is often similar to a major term paper for a course. The narrative discusses theories, concepts, and corresponding literature; and demonstrates the student’s ability to understand, reason about and/or explain problems, choices and/or decisions of the particular subject. The narrative must be well documented.

Documentation reflects familiarity with the theories central to the experience and supports the experiential statements in the narrative. Documentation may include certificates of workshop/seminar completion, letters from supervisors, and any other verifiable information sources that substantiate claims made in the narrative.

Faculty members control the awarding of Prior Learning credit based on their judgment about what learning is acceptable. Each Portfolio request is evaluated first by a faculty member qualified in that area, and then approved by the unit chairperson.