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Words of Wisdom

“It is the expectation that an individual seeking Credit for Prior Learning will have been exposed to the theory and to the corresponding literature within a subject area such that they can understand, reason about, and explain to others the problems, choices and decisions that are the content of a particular subject.”

“Your Narrative should not be a chronological review of your career or professional development activities. Keep in mind that you are trying to demonstrate that you know the material covered in a particular course, and that experiences alone do not constitute learning. Instead of asking yourself “what have I done?” ask yourself “what have I learned from my experiences?” Then, “How does what I have learned relate to a particular course?””

“It is essential that when experience is claimed in specific areas, documentation be provided of the results of that experience, the accomplishments that have been achieved, and evaluations that have been made by supervisory personnel of those accomplishments. A claim of experience is insufficient. There must be evidence of the level and extent of that experience through the results achieved. Such documentation must not be simply descriptive of job duties but reflect a familiarity with the theoretical underpinnings that support actions and decisions in which the individual has participated.”