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Philosophy is Searching for Answers

Philosophy is the search for truth through the study of formal thought, structural relationships, abstract models, symbolic languages and deductive reasoning. Students who develop these skills gain a perspective that helps them to understand and confront problems in their professional and personal lives, devise solutions, consider alternatives, which often lead to better and more thoughtful lives.

Why Should I Study Philosophy?

As the global community continues to shrink and corporate America restructures, careers will increasingly demand employees who can think critically, disclose hidden assumptions and values, formulate problems clearly and discern the impact of ideas. The flexibility, depth, and clarity of thinking nurtured by a background in philosophy is a significant asset to any career.


Who Should Be a Philosophy Major?
Philosophy makes an excellent undergraduate major for students going on to careers in law, business, fields relating to social policy and public affairs, and graduate studies.

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What Will I Learn?
Students who develop these skills gain perspective to meet problems squarely, improvise and devise solutions, and overcome unpredictable circumstances in life.

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Philosophy Jobs
Students with a background in philosophy go on to careers including; technical writing, policy analyst, librarian, county supervisor and legal researcher.

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Philosophers’ Café
Faculty from UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College are collaborating to initiate a series of Philosophers’ Cafés in the Green Bay area.

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How Do I Get Started?

Philosophy at UW-Green Bay

Meet Hye-Kyung Kim

“Philosophy is a crucial examination of our most fundamental beliefs and concepts. It asks questions that other areas of study don’t, and it does its best to answer them through the use of reason. Does God exist? Do we survive our bodily death? Does life have a meaning? What is the best life a person can lead? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? These are some of the questions of philosophy.”

-Hye-Kyung Kim, Associate Professor, Humanistic Studies

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