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What you can do with this major

Philosophers are now employed in a great variety of non-academic fields, as well as in academic positions outside teaching. Use the following as an idea list only, and not a complete list!

The following list represents a few of the kinds of career titles for Philosophy majors:

Advertising Executive, Hotel Manager, Assistant to President of a company or firm, Manager, Services Coordinator, Computer Systems Analyst, Consultant, Programmer, Technical Writer, Entrepreneur, Admissions Officer, Alumni Relations Officer, College President, Dean, Librarian, Residence Hall Director, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Bank Officer, Investment Broker, Tax Accountant, Armed Forces Officer, CIA Staff Member, Congressional Staff Member, Diplomat, Policy Analyst, Policy and Planning Consultant, United Nations Official, Postal Service Staff Member, County Commissioner, County Supervisor, Freelance Writer, Editor, Attorney, Legal Aid, Paralegal Assistant, Legal Researcher, Hospital Administrator, Nurse, Nursing Administrator, Physician.

The following list represents a few of the businesses, fields, and institutions that employ Philosophy majors:

Advertising Agencies, Consulting Firms, Colleges & Universities, Journalism, Computers, Government, Research, Religious Ministries, Sales, Law, Political Parties, Hospitals, Non-Profit Organizations, Media, State & Federal Government, Publishing Companies, Business & Industry, Newspapers & Magazines

Want to know more about the nature of the work, working conditions, earnings, training, and job outlook for these occupations? Then check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook