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Philosophers' Café

A Meeting of Minds

What is the Philosophers’ Café?

Faculty from UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College are collaborating to initiate a series of Philosophers’ Cafés in the Green Bay area. Philosophers’ Cafés are public forums held at local coffee shops and pubs in which community members engage in open, friendly, and respectful dialogue in a relaxed and informal setting. We will discuss topics ranging from traditional philosophical problems to pressing contemporary issues. Topics will be introduced and discussions moderated by faculty from either St. Norbert College or UW-Green Bay.

Philosophers’ Café

Who should attend?

All are welcome and a diversity of views and approaches are encouraged. No formal training in Philosophy (or anything else) is required - just an interest in good questions and good conversation.

Current Schedule

For more information, you may contact Xan Bozzo at UW-Green Bay.

Additional Information