About Us

9 years ago, in January 2011, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Pride Center was established by the Founding members: Christine Smith, Joanie Dovekas, Debra Rezac, Steve Zywicki, and the four original interns: Jack Melberg, Rory Cowart, Miranda Seitz, and Kit Wise.
Originally called the LGBTQA Resource Center, changing its name in 2014, the Pride Center’s creation was based on a knowledge of an unspoken presence of LGBTQ+ students on campus. However, at the time, there was not a place for them to go and gather, and no safe space. The founders wanted to create a space for those students to socialize and get educational tools. The Pride Center’s goals were to educate the community, serve as a resource, and to give LGBTQ students a place where they can feel safe and find others like them.
An idea became a need for a space to put the mission into action, they started scouting out rooms. The founders knew they wanted it in the University Union because that is where students tend to gather, and they wanted a space that was visible to the students. Ultimately, they decided on a room that used to be an old storage closet. In the beginning, The Pride Center were two small rooms, an office, and a social room. The Pride Center started with no funding -- they were all volunteering their time -- before eventually receiving a grant from an outside source. The Pride Center started with it only being open 20 hours a week, which is a major change to how it is now. Stacie Christian started in May 2011, working 10 hours a week in the Pride Center.
The Pride Center has grown, there are now three rooms an office, a quiet room, and a social room. The Center is now staffed by Dr. Stacie Christian as a full-time Director, and she leads a team of 14 interns.  The Pride Center now serves roughly 80 students daily and has come a long way with a goal to continue to grow.
Mai J. Lo Lee started the first Lavender Graduation at UWGB, which is a graduation that recognizes LGBTQ+ students that are graduating. The 2020 Lavender Graduation highlights the successes of students of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and spotlights the strengths of the LGBTQ+ community in Northeast Wisconsin.