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Educator Resources

Be a better educator by learning more about how to design your teaching for LGBTQIA2S+ students and include queer subjects in your curriculum. Another resource on our campus is the Center for Advancement of Teaching & Learning (CATL).


Gender Spectrum: provides a database to search for resources based on category, type and situation.

GLSEN: Working with LGBT Students of Color: A Guide for Educators: explore the considerations and support when working with LGBTQIA2S+ students of color.

GLSEN: Safe Space Kit: order a Safe Space Kit to create a supportive environment for your students.

GSAFE: increases the capacity of LGBTQIA2S+ students, educators and families to create schools in Wisconsin where all youth thrive. Provided on their website is a list of trainings for educators.

Queer Books: a PDF list of queer books for children, students, and youth.

Queer Library List: The UW-Green Bay Pride Center offers a library within our center! Check out our StoryGraph to see which books you can check out.

Strategies for Creating a More Trans*-Affirmative Classrooms: Inside Higher Ed gives you a list of strategies to create more trans-affirmative classrooms.

Teaching Tolerance: Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students: teach queer history; lead conversations with compassion and care; teach with intersectionality. These are just a few of the best practices for serving LGBTQIA2S+ students.

The Lifeguard Workshop: a free online learning module for middle/high school classrooms. To enroll, email or

UFT - LGBTQIA2S+ Teaching Resources: provides a list of resources for educators, including lesson plans, curriculum materials, book lists and more.

Need Some Help

Part of empowering LGBTQIA2S+ students is ensuring our educators have access to resources. If you need support, call us at 920-465-2167 or email at

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