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Abigail Nehrkorn-Bailey

Abigail Nehrkorn-Bailey

Assistant Professor
MAC C316

Research Interests

Abigail Nehrkorn-Bailey is an Assistant Professor of Psychology. Her research focuses on the intricacy of adult development and aging with a specific emphasis on health promotion. Much of her work has focused on adult physical activity engagement and exploring the motivational barriers to engagement. More recently, she has studied the impact of negative views of aging, awareness of age-related change, and age stereotypes as specific barriers to physical activity. During her recent post-doctoral research position, Dr. Nehrkorn-Bailey worked on the AgingPLUS randomized control trial at Colorado State University with Dr. Manfred Diehl, which tested a new intervention program designed to increase adult physical activity by targeting negative views of aging, low control beliefs, and deficient goal planning.

Dr. Nehrkorn-Bailey is excited to be adding undergraduate students to her lab. She actively publishes manuscripts and presents findings at national conferences, and looks forward to providing students with opportunities to contribute, as well.