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Never Stop Exploring

We continually expand our hands-on research.

In and out of the classroom, UW-Green Bay forges ahead to create more research opportunities so our students get real-world experience. You can seek research assistantships, roles in our labs and independent studies. You'll also conduct research in classes, with group and individual research projects as part of our curriculum. Some students even do PSI Talks, a TED talk style presentation where they get to present their research experience.

Student PSI Talks

Female looks up with curiosity
Female student preforms eeg on childDr. Jason Cowell and Dr. Sawa Senzaki preform eeg on childChild receiving eeg studyTeachers and students preform eeg study on child

Students Drive Our Research

Earn the opportunity to work in traditional lab research.

In our Child’s Lab, student researchers collaborate with faculty mentors to study children’s social, cognitive and brain development to find new truths in the field. Our PANE Lab focuses on creating new pain medications and finding new antidepressants. Our neuroscience lab explores morality and empathy in the brain. In these labs, you can explore and change the field of psychology even before you graduate.

Our Child's Lab

Teacher and student in lab

Exclusive Lab Opportunities

Learn from the experts.

Become a pioneer in the field, build upon new ideas and actually help people. Beyond traditional lab-based experiences, students at UW-Green Bay have unique research assistant and independent study opportunities to collaborate with faculty mentors in numerous areas of psychology. Our research topics include:

  • Stress
  • Social Media and Grief
  • Anger
  • Athletes' Burnout
  • Fat Stigma
  • Music and Aging
  • Social Stigma
  • Medicinal effect of exercise
  • Mental health and success

Anger Research

Paige Anderson student researcher in the PANE lab

Get Answers

"Being this involved so early on in my educational career really makes me proud that I chose UW-Green Bay and that I chose it every day from that point on. I’m a first-generation student and so for me, being able to have these [research] opportunities is a really big deal."

Paige Anderson '21
B.S. Psychology / PANE Lab Student Researcher

Pane Lab

Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

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If you have more questions about our research, want to know more about research opportunities, or can't find what you're looking for, let us know. We're happy to help.

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