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Internship Information


An internship is intended to provide students with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in their Psychology courses to some sort of applied setting. It offers them the chance to work in an applied setting under the supervision of agency staff, who will also train and evaluate them. The Psychology faculty is committed to making the internship a quality educational experience that involves integrating academic learning with the performance of meaningful activities under the direct supervision of an administrator in a community agency or other approved, applied setting (e.g., public school, higher education admissions office).

Credit-based internships provide a unique opportunity to develop hand-on and networking skills, while completing academic study related to the internship site. Internships are typically offered for 3 credits, where you must complete 100 hours on site. You may instead choose to take a smaller or larger number of credits (1 credit = 33 hours on site). Internships are intended for new learning experiences and are not typically approved for your current workplace or for a repeat internship.

The Psychology department offers internships to students in two ways:

Student-Identified Internships (In-Person and Online)

Students who want experience at a specific organization may complete internships. Internship sites do not need to be in the Green Bay area, but can be located elsewhere in Wisconsin (and beyond). Students wanting to set up an internship would complete the following process:

  1. Determine if you meet the prerequisites (see below).
  2. Find a faculty sponsor based on your interests and ask if they’d be willing to supervise an internship. For online students, check to make sure the faculty would be willing to supervise an internship site not in the Green Bay area.
  3. Look for internship possibilities on Handshake (through Career Services) or the Psychology Department Want Ads.
  4. Contact the internship site to see if they are accepting interns. Complete the internship site application procedures (e.g., application, interview).
  5. If accepted to do the internship, complete the Internship form found at:  Have your faculty sponsor, internship site supervisor, and chair of Human Development sign.

Faculty-Identified Internships (In-Person)

Psychology faculty may seek interns for specific programs/sites for which they have established relationships. These internships may be on a semester-by-semester basis, or may be ongoing and offered regularly. Below is a list of the current Faculty-Identified Internships available. These internships often involve an application process, with specific prerequisite requirements (see below). For information regarding these internship opportunities, please contact the faculty directly.  

Internship Prerequisites

  1. 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA OR in the major GPA
  2. Junior or Senior standing
  3. Declared major in Psychology
  4. Psychology faculty member who is willing to serve as the faculty sponsor for the internship

What's Expected of the Intern

  1. Meet with faculty sponsor 3-4 times during the semester (either in-person or on the phone) to discuss the internship experience and relevant academic readings
  2. Weekly journal to record activities, reactions, insights and/or linkages to theoretical perspectives
  3. 15-20 page literature review paper exploring a topic specific to the internship site (e.g., the effectiveness of mentoring programs with academically at-risk youth). The final paper should be an integration of research (i.e., library research) and practice.
  4. One page description and evaluation of the internship experience that can be used as a source of future reference for both students and faculty.
  5. Complete required hours on site (3 credits = 100 hours).