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Public & Nonprofit Management

These are the course and credit requirements for an Emphasis in Public & Nonprofit Management. View the Public & Nonprofit Management Emphasis on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

Public & Nonprofit Management  
Supporting Courses13
Complete three of the following
American Government and Politics
PU EN AF 202
Introduction to Public Policy
PU EN AF 215
Introduction to Public Administration
PU EN AF 220
Economics, Politics, and Government Action
PU EN AF 225
Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
Complete one of the following
Business Statistics
Social Science Statistics
MATH 260
Introductory Statistics
Upper Level Courses
PU EN AF 315
Public and Non-Profit Management
PU EN AF 345
Human Resource and Risk Management
PU EN AF 408
Public Policy Analysis
PU EN AF 415
Public and Nonprofit Budgeting
PU EN AF 428
Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
Upper Level Electives18
Complete one of the following:
Political Behavior
PU EN AF 453
Cost Benefit Analysis
PU EN AF 350
GIS in Public and Environmental Policy
Choose from the following courses:
PU EN AF 301
Environmental Politics and Policy
PU EN AF 305
Natural Resources Economic Policy
PU EN AF 306
Regulatory Policy and Administration
PU EN AF 314/POL SCI 314
Administrative Law
PU EN AF 344
Leadership in Organizations
PU EN AF 326
Philanthropy: Civic Engagement through Giving
PU EN AF 378
Environmental Law
PU EN AF 380
Global Environmental Politics and Policy
PU EN AF 406
State and Local Government
PU EN AF 407
Service in the Public Sector
PU EN AF 425
Fundraising and Marketing for Nonprofits
PU EN AF 478
Honors in the Major
PU EN AF 497
Internship 1
PU EN AF 498
Independent Study 1
PU EN AF 499
Travel Course 1
Urban Politics and Policy
Congress: Politics and Policy
Foreign and Defense Policies
Organizational Behavior Across Sectors
Total Credits46