Curriculum Guide

Designing an Academic Plan: Sequence of Courses and General Education Requirements

An academic plan for a major in Public Administration may vary, depending upon student interests, needs, and specialization within the major. The courses listed below, and the sequence in which they are listed, represent the faculty's recommendation for the general array of courses taken by all students in the program. Of particular importance is that lower-level prerequisites be completed before enrollment in upper-level courses. Students should pay particular attention to those required courses included in their academic plans that are offered only in alternate years.

As part of the general education requirements of the University, all majors will be completing 36 to 42 credits of work, including 9 credits or 3 courses each in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, 3 credits in Other Cultures, 3 credits of Ethnic Studies and 4 courses certified for the Writing Emphasis requirement. Some of these requirements are satisfied by courses taken as part of the major. Beyond these, we encourage Public Administration majors to discuss their preferences for general education courses, as well as other electives, with the PEA faculty. In general, we recommend that students become thoroughly acquainted with the major ideas, findings, and methods of inquiry in each domain of knowledge. We especially encourage majors to take introductory courses in the social sciences beyond those required as lower-level prerequisites (e.g., in sociology, psychology, and political science).