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Self Defense Class:

University Police are excited to be able to continue to offer self defense classes to members of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Our classes are designed to be realistic, effective, and simple so that anyone can succeed and improve their confidence and skills. Some people might find this type of training stressful or be apprehensive about participating, but our trainers will do their best to make your experience meaningful and enjoyable.

Next Class:

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Cost: FREE 


K9 Demonstrations:

Teaming up with our partner agencies of the Brown County Sheriff's Department and the City of Green Bay Police Department we are able to offer K9 demonstrations. Our agency works closely with both agencies who offer UW-Green Bay Police K9 services on an as needed basis. The capabilities of the Police K9 are truly impressive when seen in person and provide a necessary tool in keeping the campus safe

Dep. Dennis and K9 Mattis