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Stalking is a crime in Wisconsin and University Police will aggressively investigate all reports. Wisconsin defines stalking in Statute 943.20 and defines actions and intended outcomes which could constitute Stalking. If you know someone who is engaged in these behaviors either as a victim or perpetrator, contact University Police immediately. (Emergency 911, Non-Emergency 920-465-2300)

When stalking behavior is confirmed, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (Dean of Students Office) may institute a no-contact order under their UWS CH 17 authority. These UW no-contact orders are NOT a substitute for court issued restraining orders which carry the full weight of the law, but can serve as a valuable immediate tool to deter certain behaviors on University grounds.

Statistically, stalkers do not simply just "stop" or "go away" when their behavior is ignored or not confronted by the victim and forced to stop. Be strong, contact the police and take your life back.  

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