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UW-Green Bay, as well as the UW-Green Bay Police Department has established procedures for investigating complaints and allegations of employee misconduct as it is crucial to demonstrate and protect this agency’s integrity. The University of Wisconsin Green Bay Police Department will accept and investigate fairly and impartially all complaints of employee misconduct to determine the validity of the allegation. It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Police Department that all incidents of alleged or suspected violations of State law, local ordinances, department rules, regulations or orders shall be investigated in a timely manner.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Police Department takes all allegations of misconduct against the Department or individual officers seriously. Malfeasance or criminal conduct within our ranks will not be tolerated and violations will be dealt with swiftly. Due to the serious nature these complaints, we are legally required to notify you that the State of Wisconsin has taken action to protect officers from false complaints. Under Wis. Statutes §946.66, anyone who knowingly makes a false complaint regarding the conduct of an officer is subject to legal penalty. 

There are two perferred ways to submit a complaint to the University Police Department for officer misconduct. These are the preferred methods, but are NOT required to lodge a complaint.