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Event Security

Students attending BLM March
Have an event?

All Event Host should review the UW EVENT GUIDELINES packet.

University Police are often requested to provide police services and traffic control for both small and large events on campus. These could range from a small event put on by student organization with a controversial topic or large public event such as a Presidential visit. With proper advance notice, University Police are able to provide these services to both internal customers and external customers. Utilizing an officer comes with many benefits including have a fully uniformed police officer that knows and has access to the campus and buildings, the able to instantly summon and direct additional resources such as additional UW officers or assisting agencies if an incident escalates beyond their control, summon and direct medical assistance, notify and engage University leadership in decision making for incidents that will impact operations and last but certainly not least, having an officer in tune with our campus community and understands University Policing. We are proud to protect and be a part of our community, and it shows. 

Please note, the hiring of Police services does NOT relieve any person or organization of the responsibility or necessity of getting University approval for their event. 

University Departments who have major and reoccurring events may negotiate with with University Police for alternative services/rates. 


External Organizations, or events that DO NOT support University's Mission
$49 per hour, per Officer
(Minimum of 3 billable hours)

Internal Organizations, or events that DO support University's Mission
$45 per hour, per Officer
(Minimum of 3 billable hours)

Police Vehicle 
$25 Each flat fee, max of four (4) hours

Other University Of Wisconsin Charges:

$63.930 UW-Madison
 $58.620 UW-La Crosse
 $57.210 UW-Madison
 $55.000 UW-White Water
 $55.000 UW-Superior
 $51.840 UW-Oshkosh
 $50.000 UW-River Falls
 $49.000 UW-ParkSide
 $45.000 UW-Stout
 $40.000 UW-Stevens Point
 $33.000-$47.000 UW-Platteville (Dependent on Officers base pay rate)