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Records Requests

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Police Department (UWPD) will make available for inspection and copying at it offices a notice about it's public records policies. To provide even greater transparency to those who may request records, most of that information is listed here.

UWPD's administrative office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, excluding holidays as recognized by the University of Wisconsin system. During these regular office hours inspection of records held by UWPD is permitted as required by law. Upon written or verbal request to UW-Green Bay's records custodian, public records can be personally inspected or copies produced during this time. 

The records custodian can be found at HERE.

When records are specifically held by UWPD, a duplicate request or notification of a request sent to University Police is not required, but will likely speed processing. You can CLICK HERE TO EMAIL the Records Division.

UWPD is responsive to records requests forwarded from the records custodian in multiple formats when received. However, for speed and accuracy of processing the following is desirable but IS NOT required.  

  • Contact Information for the requester 
  • The purpose or intent of the request, to assist the custodian in determining which records are being sought and the application of the balancing test. 
  • Subject(s) name, case number, and date of incident(s). This will assist the custodian in locating records and also works to ensure that the request has reasonable specificity.  
  • Desired response format, such as via mail or email. 

Fees for responding are as detailed in Wis. Stat. §19.35(3). 

This is not a blanket exemption, however records that generally do not meet meet the balancing test for release when compared to privacy concerns are dates of birth, proper address, and personal phone numbers. These identifiers could potentially facilitate identity theft crimes and would by contrary to the public policy of crime prevention. Furthermore, the release of this information would have a chilling effect on the cooperation of victims, witnesses, cooperating individuals, and those in general police contact if they have a fear their personal and sensitive information will be subject to release upon a public records request. 

Wis. Stats. §§ 48.396 and 938.396 declare that law enforcement records of children shall be treated as confidential records.