Key & Access Control

Administration of the programs for both electronic and key access to secured areas of campus has been delegated by the Chancellor as a responsibility of the Office of Public Safety. All access requests should be submitted via electronic means, using the Key Request Form. By using this electronic system it allows for proper routing of requests, greater accountability of the secured areas of campus, and also the timely processing and notifications of access requests.

All access requests should be made using the link to the left or Key Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I request a key?

  • The Key Request Form is located on the Public Safety Website (use the link at the top of this page).
  • The following information is required
    • Requester
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Repair Center -- Always select "PP_Physical Plant (DEFAULT)".
    • Facility -- Always select "UW Green Bay"
    • Building
    • Area
    • Request Type
    • Reason
    • Quantity
    • Keyholder (Keys for)
    • Request (Short description of the request)
  • Once your request is approved, you will receive an email notification as to when your key(s) will be available for pick up in the Public Safety Office.

Where do I pick up my keys?

  • Keys may be picked up in the Public Safety Office IS 1024 weekdays Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm.
  • Keys may only be picked up by the requester or keyholder (person to whom they are issued).
  • Be prepared to show a photo ID, passport or driver's license when you pick up your key(s).
  • How do students get keys?
  • Keys issued to students will be issued by and returned to the department responsible for the specific classroom, lab, office, or area.
  • Keys issued to students are maintained by the issuing department.
  • Students that fail to return keys to the issuing department may have a financial hold placed on their transcripts, registration and/or graduation. A fee may be assessed for failing to return keys to the issuing department.

How do I request a Department Key Box?

  • Departments may establish a key box to maintain extra keys for the purpose of:
    • Issuing keys to students
    • Allowing temporary check out of a key for offices or areas under the department's control
    • Issuing keys to Adhoc faculty or LTE staff
  • Key boxes must be in a locked and secure area.
  • It is recommended that a log be kept identifying when keys are checked out and by whom, and when the key was returned.
  • Campus departments administering Key Boxes assume responsibility for the keys assigned to the Key Box.
  • Please contact Public Safety if you are interested in establishing a Department Key Box.

How do I request a Key Ring?

  • Key Rings may be established for campus employees who are required to access several campus facilities and spaces, e.g. maintenance, operations, and public safety.
  • Please contact Public Safety if you are interested in establishing a Key Ring.

How do I transfer keys from one employee to another?

  • To request a complete list of keys issued to the employee, contact Public Safety at (920) 465-2105.
  • Ask the employee to return all keys listed on the Keys Issued Report. Notify Public Safety when all keys have been returned.
  • Secure the keys until they are transferred to the next employee.
  • Upon transferring the keys to the next employee, contact Public Safety to up date the records as to who the keys have been issued to.

Instructions for returning keys to Public Safety

  • Keys that will not be maintained by the department are to be returned directly to the Public Safety Office IS 1024.
  • To obtain a list of keys issued to an employee, contact Public Safety at (920) 465-2105 at least three (3) business days prior to the employee leaving.

Contractors and/or Outside Service Personnel

  • Keys issued to contractors and/or outside service personnel require pre-approval of the department/project manager and Public Safety.
  • Contractors and/or outside service personnel working on campus may sign out keys from the Public Safety Office IS 1024.
  • Short-term key issuance must be coordinated and approved by the Director of Facilities Management and the Director of Public Safety. A key request must be processed and include a date when the key(s) will be returned.
  • Lost, Stolen or Unreturned Keys
  • Report any lost or stolen key or keys to the department chair or administrative head, and to the Office of Public Safety.
  • A replacement key may be requested by completing a Key Request Form and submitting the approved form to Public Safety. All costs incurred such as labor and parts will be billed to the individual or the department.
  • Students who fail to return all keys may be assessed a fee per lock for re-keying resulting in a financial hold on transcripts, registration and/or graduation until all keys are returned or assess to recover the cost to re-key all affected areas.
  • Employees who fail to return all keys may be assessed a fee per lock for re-keying.
  • Due to security reasons the department may be required to pay the cost of re-keying when staff or students fail to return their keys.
  • When lost, stolen or unreturned keys are reported, the person responsible for the area should consider re-keying the affected area. The Director of Public Safety may convene meeting with the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, Director of Facilities Management and those responsible for the area impacted to determine the need to re-key the area affected and the recovery of any costs.

Found Keys

  • Found University keys are to be turned into the Office of Public Safety.
  • Key Duplication or Unauthorized Use
  • Duplication or unauthorized use or possession of University keys is illegal. (Use of such keys may be considered burglary and/or trespassing.)
  • UWS 18.06 (12) Keys.
  • No person may duplicate a university key or request the unauthorized duplication of a university keys.
  • No person may transfer any university key from an individual entrusted with its possession to an unauthorized person, or be in unauthorized possession of a university key.
  • Keys in the possession of unauthorized persons may be confiscated.
  • No person shall replace without permission, damage, tamper with or vandalize any university lock or security device.