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Bomb Threat

Statistically, a bomb threat that results in the recovery of or the detonation of an explosive device on universities within the United States is extremely low. Nationwide, the vast majority of these incidents are investigated and found to be a threat or hoax. Threats of violence, especially ones which may use an explosive device, are taken seriously every time they are received. Such threats, even if they are only a hoax are a major disruption to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the campus community. University Police will vigorously pursue any individual involved in these criminal acts and demand prosecution to the fullest extent of both State and Federal Law.  

Officer wearing bomb suit

If you observe a potential bomb/suspicious object on campus;

  • Do Not Handle The Object!
  • Remain calm, clear the area
  • Immediately call Police at 911, the designated emergency response number.

If you receive a bomb threat by phone, don't hang up. Often when bomb threats are received by phone they are calling a number they know goes to a specific location, not a specific person. You may be the only person to receive a call about this incident. Try to do the following:

  • Don’t Hang Up! If possible, have someone else call 911.
    • Send an email, write a note, send a text, do what you can to let someone else know.
  • Keep talking to the caller as long as possible and ask the following:
    • When is the bomb going to explode?
    • Where is it right now?
    • What does it look like?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • What will cause it to explode?
    • Did you place the bomb?
    • Why did you place the bomb (What is their reasons)?
    • What is your name or who are you representing?
    • How can we contact you?
  • While talking to the caller listen for: speech pattern, accent, background noise, and other distinguishing characteristics.
  • If caller hangs up, Do Not hang up your phone and leave it off the hook. Use another phone line to immediately notify Police at 911, the designated emergency response number.
  • If the threat of an explosion is imminent, evacuate the building. Activate the fire alarm. Follow Evacuation Procedures.
  • Once outside, move to a clear area that is at least 500 feet away from the affected building. Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
  • Do Not Return To An Evacuated Building unless authorized by the Public Safety or Fire Personnel.