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Policy on Violence & Threats


The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is committed to maintaining for its employees, students and visitors an environment that is free from intimidation, threats and violent acts. A safe and secure environment is a fundamental prerequisite for fulfilling UW-Green Bay’s mission of teaching, research and public service.


UW-Green Bay will not tolerate any act or threat of violence made in the workplace, on university lands, or while in work status. After receiving a report of threats or violence, the University will conduct an immediate investigation and respond with the appropriate action.

Prohibited Conduct: 

No person may engage in violent conduct or make threats of violence, implied or direct, on university lands or in connection with university business. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The use of force with the intent to cause harm, e.g. physical attacks, any unwanted contact such as hitting, fighting, pushing, or throwing objects;
  • Acts or threats which are intended to intimidate, coerce, or cause fear of harm;
  • Acts or threats made directly or indirectly by words, gestures or symbols.
  • No person may unlawfully carry, possess or use any dangerous weapon on university lands or in university buildings or facilities, except with the written approval of the chief administrative officer or for law enforcement purposes. No person may display or portray as real any object that resembles a dangerous weapon.

Reporting Procedures: 

Employees and students are expected to report any threat or act of violence which they have witnessed, received, or have been informed of, to University Police and:

  • If an employee is involved, also notify the supervisor;
  • If a student is involved, also notify the Dean of Students.

    All employees and students are expected to notify University Police whenever a protective restraining order is granted which mentions university lands, or involves a University employee or student, or a person working at the University, and provide a copy of the order. Employees should also notify their supervisor. Students should also notify the Dean of Students. Appropriate effort will be made to protect the privacy and sensitivity of the information provided.

    Helpful Material

    Disruptive People, Threats, & Violence On Campus Presentation (.pptx, Power Point)