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Through an interagency agreement, the Department of Health Services (DHS) authorized the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to approve the curricula for CBRF Assisted Living Administrator Training courses. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will coordinate the approval of submitted curriculum and qualified trainers, maintain public directories for approved programs and implement a quality assurance program.

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CBRF Administrators

Under DHS 83.15(1)(c), an individual with a bachelor's degree in a non-health related field from an accredited college or university may qualify as an administrator if that individual has successfully completed a department-approved Assisted Living Administrator's Training course.

Additionally, under DHS 83.15(1)(d), an individual with at least two years of experience working in a health care related field having direct contact with the client groups identified under DHS 83.02(16) may also qualify, if that individual has completed the aforementioned Assisted Living Administrator's Training course and has developed criteria that will be utilized in the department review and approval process. Approved courses will be at least 60 hours in length and cover the six core competencies outlined by the department: Leadership Management Skills; Resident Care and Services; Resident Rights, Advocacy, Legal Issues; Physical Environment and Life Safety, Human Resources Management and Financial Management.

Current Assisted Living Administrator Course program, instructor and curriculum application forms:

Submit an Administrator Training Roster

Submitting a roster is a two-step process. Step one is to complete the form notifying the Training Registry of your planned class. Upon receipt of the information you will be sent a personal link to be used in order to submit your roster to the registry. Save the e-mail until after you have completed facilitating the class.


Complete Before Class

  1. Click on the appropriate training below to log in. Have your user name and password available.
  2. Your personal information will pre-fill into the form.
  3. Add the specifics for the class you have scheduled and click "submit."
  4. Within 7 business days of submission you will receive a link that is tied to your class.

Complete During and After Class

  1. On the day of the class, have participants sign in using a printed copy of the appropriate class roster template. Download a Administrator Course Class Roster Template. 
  2. Within ten days of teaching the class, upload the roster using the e-mailed link.
  3. Within ten days of teaching the class, enter and upload the roster using the e-mailed link.
  4. Click on the link in your e-mail and login.
  5. Enter each participant’s information.
    • There is a search feature called Search Accounts to see if participants are already in the system.
    • We suggest entering only the participant's name and clicking "search."
    • A list of names may be displayed. Select the correct participant and the program will auto-fill the participant's information onto your roster. Double check to make sure this is the correct person. Only enter the person as a new participant if they do not appear in the search results.
  6. Upload a copy of the original roster and submit payment information.
  7. Participants will be added to the registry within one business day.