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Instructor Registry

The instructor registry is a list of approved instructors for the four department-approved trainings (Standard Precautions, First Aid and Choking, Fire Safety, and Medication Administration) and Distance Learning (virtual instructions).

Searching for a Specific Instructor

  • Type the first three letters of their first name and three letters of their last name and select the ‘search’ button.
  • Select the correct instructor from the options listed in the ‘Search Results’ field.
  • This will take you to a pop-up that includes the instructor’s name, instructor number, and contact information.
    • You will also see the classes that the instructor is currently approved to train.
    • If they are approved to train virtually, you will see ‘Distance Learning Approved-Instructor’.
    • The expiration dates are listed under ‘Renewal Date’.
  • Please Note: There is a scroll-down bar to the right of the pop-up. You may need to scroll down to view all of the approved classes.
  • The ‘print’ will also provide a complete list of topics the instructor is approved to train.

Searching for an Instructor Approved to Train

  • Toggle to ‘yes’ underneath ‘Available to Train’.
  • This will allow you to search for instructors approved to train in your county, city, ZIP code, and/or remotely.
  • If you wish to attend in person, please select ‘no’ in the ‘Available to Train Remotely’ section.

Search the Instructor Registry