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Information for Consultants

Note: This information is for instructors who need to identify a Training Consultant and for their consultants to be approved.

Consultant Evaluation

Evaluation Form


The Bureau of Assisted Living (BAL) has developed an option to approve instructors who may not otherwise have the professional credentials to qualify. This option includes having a Training Consultant.

Fire Safety and Standard Precautions

The Instructor Applicant must have:
  1. Two years full-time work in a health care setting; and
  2. Successfully completed the topic training and are on the registry for the training after April 1, 2010; and
  3. A training consultant, who has the following professional credential(s):
    • Fire Safety: “…a person certified by the Wisconsin Technical College System Fire Service Certification Program (minimum Fire Fighter I)…”
    • Standard Precautions: “…a licensed professional, (MD, RN, LPN, PA or EMT), in good standing…”

Medication Administration

The Instructor Applicant must have:
  1. Successfully completed a department-approved Train-the-Trainer course in Medication Administration (see Approved Train-the-Trainer program information); and
  2. Training Consultant who is “…a licensed professional, (MD, RN, PA, RPh or Practitioner/Person licensed by WI – DLR, or licensed in another state and recognized by WI, to prescribe and administer drugs), in good standing…”

Evaluation Form

Note: The consultant evaluation form must be used for all consultant training evaluations.

All evaluations must be included by the instructor applicant for any Instructor (renewal) application. Missing or incomplete evaluations will be cause for application denial or delay.


Consultant Duties

  1. The Training Consultant will act as a resource for training issues, concerns and topic specific questions, and
  2. The Training Consultant must observe and complete a written evaluation of the first class the instructor teaches under this approval, and one training annually thereafter, and
  3. The Training Consultant will maintain copies of all class evaluations for a minimum of two years.

Curriculum Information

The curriculum must be presented in full at all trainings. Instructors are welcome to include additional material, but cannot take away from the provided approved training. Consultants can e-mail the Wisconsin Community-Based Care and Treatment Training Registry at to receive copies of the training materials to review prior to completing an evaluation.