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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Representive Related Questions

How do I manage another instructor's trainings?

Employee Registry Related Questions

How can a participant prove to their employer that they completed a training?
  • All participants who successfully complete a state-approved training are entered onto the Wisconsin Training Registry. The registry page in which the participant's name is listed can be printed for their personnel file. An instructor is required to submit the roster and processing fee for each participant within ten business days. If it has been 30 days since you took the class and your name still does not appear on the registry, please contact the Wisconsin Training Registry at (920) 465-2315 or email
How do I correct a misspelling on the registry or change my name?
  • To correct a misspelled name, employees or employers can send a copy of a legal ID for the individual with the misspelling to After confirming the correct spelling and that the date of birth matches, the registry staff will make the change.
Is the Instructor Registry publicly accessible?
If a person has completed one of the four department-approved trainings and they do not want to be added to the registry, can the department approved trainer still issue a “certificate” stating the person has completed the training?
  • No, certificates are not allowed. The only acceptable evidence for completing state approved training is the participant's name on the registry.
Why doesn’t an employee appear on the registry?
  • Instructors have ten business days to submit the completed roster and payment to the Wisconsin Training Registry. Once the roster and payment have been submitted to the Wisconsin Training Registry, the participants' names will appear on the searchable registry almost immediately. If adequate time has lapsed and a name does not appear on the registry, please contact the Wisconsin Training Registry at

Instructor Related Questions

How do I navigate the Instructor Dashboard?
Are instructors required to give an open-book test or a closed-book test?
  • The test must be an open-book test. Students are allowed to use their notes and participant guides during the test. A participant must answer 90% of the questions correctly to pass the test.
Can the curriculum be used by non-approved instructors?
  • Only state-approved instructors may use the curriculum to train participants. All participants must be listed on the roster and submitted to the registry with the $20 processing fee per participant.
Do I need to enter a participant to the registry if they are already on it as having completed that topic?
  • All participants who successfully complete a training must be added to the Wisconsin Community-Based Care and Treatment Training Registry within ten days of the completion of the class, even if they are already on the registry. We encourage instructors to check the registry prior to training individuals to see if they have already had the training. Anytime an employee is retrained by attending the entire class, the employee must be added to the registry.
Does a complete copy of the final exam need to be retained for two years, or just the test score?
  • Instructors must maintain class participant information including test scores for at least two years from the date of the training.
Does a person taking all of the Train-the-Trainer trainings have to repeatedly take the portion that covers adult learning techniques?
  • Each train-the-trainer program is different on how they handle adult learning and the program may require you to do it multiple times.
How do I know if I am using the most updated version of the curriculum?
  • The current revision dates for the curriculum can be found on the cover page of the curriculum and are:

Fire Safety: January 2022 (minor update)

First Aid and Choking: 2020

Medication Administration: March 2020

Standard Precautions: March 2020

If you are still unsure if you are using the most updated curriculum or need a new copy, please contact us at

How do students gain access to the participant guides? How long are the participant guides?
  • Instructors must provide each student with a participant guide, which is theirs to keep. Students use the guides for note-taking, as a reference during the test and as a resource upon returning to the workplace. The length is dependent on the topic. Instructors are responsible for printing and providing the guides for each student.
How long do I have to submit my roster and payment to the Wisconsin Community-Based Care and Treatment Training Registry?
  • Ten business days.
How long will instructors who are required to submit consultant evaluations be required to submit these evaluations?
  • Instructors who have a required consultant must submit two consultant evaluations per renewal period.
May instructors provide the participant guide to students in advance of the training?
  • Yes, but this does not reduce the mandatory class length.
What are the required lengths for each class?
  • Standard Precautions is two hours. (These hours are instructional time and do not include lunch breaks or the time to take the test.)
  • Fire Safety is three hours. (These hours are instructional time and do not include lunch breaks or the time to take the test.)
  • First Aid and Choking is four hours. (These hours are instructional time and do not include lunch breaks or the time to take the test.)
  • Medication Administration is 14 hours. (These hours include skills and written test, but do not include lunch breaks. Class must be taught over two or more days.)
What does a participant or instructor do if an error has been made?
  • If you believe that there is an error on the registry, please contact the Wisconsin Training Registry at (920) 465-2315 or e-mail
What forms of payment does UW-Green Bay accept?
  • We require payment via credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), as this speeds up processing and allows students and instructors to be placed on the registry sooner.
Where must the instructor continuing education hours (CEH) come from (web, classroom, other…)?
  • The definition of continuing education is: An instructional program that brings participants up-to-date in a particular area of knowledge or skills. Continuing education should be new training that improves knowledge or skills, not repeated training or training that the participant is already approved to teach. We will accept actual training received from a web-based source, classroom training or video training. When submitting evidence of continuing education, please submit documentation on how the course increases your knowledge as an instructor related to the subjects taught and adult education. For more information about continuing education please review the continuing education policy: Continuing Education.

Registry Fee Questions

What are the fees for the registry?
  • The fees listed below are for the use of instructors, train-the-trainer and administrator programs. Employees do not need to pay fees to stay on the registry. Please note the fees paid to the registry are non-refundable.

Employee Registry: $20 per student

Instructor Application: $115 per topic
Instructor Renewal: $75 per topic

Train-the-Trainer Program Applications (for programs that train instructors)
Standard Precaution: $1000
Fire Safety: $1000
Medication Administration: $1500
First Aid and Choking: $1000
Program Renewal: $100
Train-the-Trainer Instructor: $115 per topic
Train-the-Trainer Instructor Renewal: $75 per topic

Administrator Training Programs (for programs that train administrators)
Instructors: $25 per competency
Instructor Renewals: $25 per competency
Program Application: $1,500
Program Renewal: $100
Administrator Participant Registry: $25 per student