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Training Checklist

Before the Training

  • Print a copy of the handwritten/typed roster template for participants to sign in. It is important to submit the handwritten roster as we can catch typos that occur during online registration
  • Make sure the curriculum links are working. Curriculum Links are found on the landing page of the Instructor Dashboard.
  • Test PowerPoint presentations and videos with the technology that will be used during the training. Please contact Wisconsin Training Registry if assistance is needed. Call (920) 465-2554 or email
  • Print Participant Guides for the training.
  • Print Test for training.
  • Organize materials for the training (Facilitator Guide, technology, materials for Skills Test…)

During the Training

  • Double-check the handwritten/typed roster to ensure that participants have filled out all the information correctly: first name, last name, middle initial, date of birth, phone number, email address, and zip code. If not legible, please correct it.
  • Verify participants information using their government photo identification.
  • Provide the students with a copy of the Participant Guide and any other materials required in the Facilitator Guide.
  • Allow one 15-minute break for every 2 hours of class time if desired.
  • Teach curriculum; facilitate activities; maintain professionalism
  • Distribute the written test.
    • Use the current test questions provided.
    • Monitor students to assure independent test results.
    • Allow/encourage students to use Participant Guide during the test.
    • If requested, read questions aloud for Standard Precautions, Fire Safety, and First Aid and Choking. It is NOT PERMITTED to read Medication Administration questions for the written or skills tests.
    • If a participant does not earn 90% or above on the written test, allow the student to re-take the test 1 time on the same day.
    • If the student fails a second time, inform the student that they need to retake the training.
  • Ensure that training meets minimum length requirements:
    • Standard Precautions = 2 hours without testing
    • Fire Safety = 3 hours without testing
    • First Aid and Choking = 4 hours without testing
    • Medication Administration = 2 days and 14 hours including testing – do not exceed 10:1 student: trainer ratio for Medication Administration
  • Have participants complete the instructor evaluation prior to leaving class.
    • Provide each participant with a written copy of the evaluation form.
    • Have students complete the online instructor evaluation prior to leaving class. They may use their phones to complete the survey.

After the Training

  • Within 10 business days, enter and upload participants’ information in the Instructor Dashboard. See detailed directions below.
  • Attach the handwritten/typed roster during registration using the ‘Upload’ feature. *Make sure the instructor’s signature and date are at the bottom of the roster.
  • Double-check that the participants’ names and information were entered correctly before clicking ‘submit’ and paying for the class. Correct as needed.
  • Pay the $20 per participant per training within 10 business days of the class. Mastercard and Visa are accepted forms of payment.
  • Check the online employee registry to make sure participants are registered in the training. 
  • If applicable, have your consultant fill out the consultant evaluation. You will be able to access/review these evaluations on your landing page of the Instructor Dashboard.
  • Be sure to keep the handwritten/typed roster AND completed exams for at least 2 years.