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Retirees and friends of UW-Green Bay are welcome to join in supporting the initiatives of the University’s Retiree Association – specifically the endowed student scholarship fund and the special projects fund.

Endowed Scholarship/Special Projects Gift Form

UW-Green Bay Retiree Association Scholarship Award

The UW-Green Bay Retiree Association Endowed Scholarship fund was initiated by a group of retired UW-Green Bay faculty and staff in 2001. Through additional gifts and growth of the principal, the fund grew to an endowment by 2008. The Retiree Association awarded its first scholarship at the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year.

The Retiree Association intends to award at least one scholarship each academic year to a qualifying student. As the endowment grows, so too does the potential amount of the financial award, as well as the number of students who could receive help. Donations are welcome from anyone at any time to enhance the size and scope of this scholarship program. To include your support, click here and select “UWGB Retiree’s Scholarship” from the Gift Designation drop-down menu.

To qualify, applicants must be registered as a full-time undergraduate, degree-seeking student at UW-Green Bay, with good academic standing and a minimum of 54 credits earned, excluding credits in progress. All applicants’ earned credits and credits in progress will be verified with the UW-Green Bay Registrar’s Office.

Deadline for scholarship applications is February 15. Click here to download the scholarship application form.

Questions regarding the scholarship can be made to by e-mailing the Retiree Association at

Retiree Association Scholarship Recipients 

2011-12 Stephanie Bruck
2012-13 Rachael Gardner
2013-14 Sarah Wells
2014-15 Brooke Fitzgerald
2015-16 Laurin Rubin
2016-17 Harrison Pham and Shawna Anderson
2017-18 Jessica Hannon
2018-19 Allison Susnik
2019-20 Ben Gilles
2020-21 Anthony Fenner
2021-22 Elsie McElroy
2022-23 Valerie Kupp and Logan Meek

Special Projects Fund

The special projects fund provides support for specific Retiree Association initiatives that benefit the University. Currently, a number of retirees have collaborated on an oral history project that will record and archive the personal experiences and perspectives of the University’s faculty, staff and graduates. An emphasis is placed on the years 1965 through 1975.

Donors may designate their gift to the Special Projects Gift Account or the Retirees Endowed Scholarship Fund by downloading and completing the form below.
Endowed Scholarship/Special Projects Gift Form