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Retiree Association

Open to All

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Retiree Association was founded in 2008 to promote and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between the campus and its retirees.

The Association provides a voice for retirees, and strives to support and enrich the campus community while providing members with opportunities for continued intellectual, creative and social engagement.

Membership is open to all retired employees, their spouses or partners, and to anyone with a special connection to the University.

The goals of the Retiree Association include:

  • To support the mission of the campus and enrich its community.
  • To provide a place and a focus for continued intellectual, creative and social engagement of retired faculty and staff with their University.
  • To provide connections between the University and its retirees which encourage positive participation in collegial life and opportunities for contributions and service to the University and the Green Bay area community.
  • To affirm the value of the University‚Äôs employees, both before and after they attain status as retirees.

To the extent possible the Retiree Association also works in support of the interests of all UW-Green Bay retirees.

At its annual fall dinner meeting, the Board of Directors shall propose nominees to fill any of the nine vacant positions. Board members will annually elect officers from among their members.

Retirees in Inside News

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