UWGB Sheboygan Campus

Financial Aid

Save Money at UW-Sheboygan

UW Colleges has the lowest tuition and student fees in the UW System.  By attending UW-Sheboygan you can save aproximately $2,300 - $19,000 compared to other UW System schools and local private colleges.

Planning for College Costs

Even though UW-Sheboygan is one of 14 campuses with the lowest tuition and student fees in the UW System, paying for college still takes a lot of thinking and planning. The information in this section will help you make sound financial decisions.

Use the net price calculator to calculate an estimated amount that students like you paid – after grant aid and scholarships but before student loans – to attend this institution in a given year.

Federal Financial Aid

Financial aid provides money to help you meet your college expenses. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application process determines your eligibility for assistance. If you apply for financial aid, you must re-apply each year you would like aid – it does not carry over from year to year. 

For comprehensive financial aid information, including types of aid, processes and policies, please visit the Student Financial Aid Office pages on the UW Colleges administrative website.

State Vocational Rehabilitation Grants

Vocational rehabilitation grants are provided to qualified students by the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). To qualify, students must have a physical, emotional or learning disability and meet other criteria established by the DVR. Contact your local DVR office or the Solution Center for more assistance.