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How Do I Order an Official Transcript or Enrollment Verification From Within SIS?

Official Transcripts - You can order transcripts from your active Student Information System (SIS) account by logging in at: You can order a maximum of 5 transcripts going to up to 5 different recipients per order. Multiple orders may be required if you need more than the limits specified. You will receive real-time order updates by email and can opt for additional notifications to your individual cell phone number. You can also check order progress and history on the Transcript Ordering Web site.

  1. From your Student Center select either Enrollment Verification or Official Transcript from the dropdown menu then click the ยป symbol.

  2. Select the online option for the item you wish to obtain. Transcripts are provided by Credentials Solutions and Enrollment Verifications are provided by the National Student Clearinghouse.
  3. After clicking on the Credentials Solutions link a new web page session will launch. Follow the directions to place order. Once an order is authorized it will be processed in accordance with delivery options selected and specified deadlines. You will start your order from page on the website:
  4. After clicking on the National Student Clearinghouse link a new web page session will launch. To obtain an enrollment certificate choose either Current enrollment or All enrollment then click on the Obtain an enrollment certificate link. This will open a new window which will display the printable enrollment certificate.