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Waitlist Information

An automated waitlist is available with the beginning of priority registration and continues to be available throughout registration for courses that are full. Academic units set a waitlist capacity for selected courses. The greater majority of (but not all) courses have a waitlist. Once classes begin for the semester, we stop the ability for a student to add themselves to a waitlist -- the philosophy being that students should make contact with the faculty member teaching the class to inquire about missed assignments and space availability. For those students who are ON a waitlist we continue to run the waitlist process through the eighth calendar day of the semester.


  1. To add yourself to the waitlist of a closed course select the course as normal, but make sure to click the "Wait list if class is full" checkbox shown below.
  2. Continue with your registration. Once you submit your enrollment request you will be shown a result page which will indicate successes and failures. The waitlisted course will display as a success, but will contain the message shown below indicating your waitlist position.
  3. When viewing your class schedule, you will also see your status of "waiting" and in what position you are on the waitlist.

Important: When a student is enrolled from the wait list into the course an email notification is sent to the student's UWGB email account.