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Preparing for Promotion

The following resources and guidance are available for faculty preparing for promotion.

  • State rules are in UWS 3 (Faculty Appointments) of the System administrative code.
  • UW Green Bay rules are in UWGB Chapter 3 (Faculty Appointments) of our Code in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Faculty Senate rules are also in the Faculty Handbook
  • Unit guidelines. The University Committee in 2007 asked each budgetary unit to prepare unit guidelines for merit and tenure reviews. those guidelines should be available from unit chairs and the whole collection is available in the SOFAS office.
  • Several individuals over the years have offered additional guidance that may be useful:
  • The Committee of Six Full Professors offers its guidance in an annual letter along with a template letter for seeking outside evaluations.
  • SOFAS guidelines. Previous Secretaries of the Faculty and Staff and legal counsels have prepared some guidance available in the Faculty Handbook. See How to Conduct Meetings and Personnel Reviews
  • Mentors - advice from individuals familiar with unit or committee cultures can also be valuable. If you need help in finding individuals, consult with the SOFAS.