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Driver Authorization for Student Organizations

Anyone who is planning to drive a personal vehicle or rental vehicle must complete this form at least 10 days before the trip.

Form Instructions

You will need these instructions to complete the driver authorization form:

  1. If completing it yourself, go to the Online Portal. Click the link to open a new session.
  2. Select type of employee: UW (then click “Logon”),
    1. Select UW campus: UW Green Bay (then click “Logon”),
    2. Enter in your University Username and password (then click “Sign in”)
  3. Click on Vehicle Use Agreement and complete form listing:
    1. Supervisor’s name = Sarah O’Brien
    2. Supervisor’s email =
    3. The UW UDDS Code to enter is: UD250000-GBY\STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS
  4. Click submit.

NOTE: Students may drive no more than 8 hours per day, with a required break after 4 hours unless sooner. A personal vehicle may not be driven more than 800 miles roundtrip.

Sarah O'Brien

Need more Info?

Forms can sometimes be a headache. If you have questions about driver authorization, Sarah O'Brien, Student Engagement Assistant, is here to help.

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