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Driver Authorization for Student Organizations

Anyone who is planning to drive a personal vehicle or rental vehicle must complete this form before at least 10 days before the trip.

Form Instructions

You will need these instructions to complete the driver authorization form (see below for the button to the form):

  1. If completing it yourself, go to the Enterprise Fleet Portal. Click the link to open a new session.
  2. Select type of employee: UW (then click “Logon”),
    1. Select UW campus: UW Green Bay (then click “Logon”),
    2. Enter in your University Username and password (then click “Sign in” )
  3. Click on Vehicle Use Agreement and complete form listing:
    1. Supervisor’s name = Sarah O’Brien
    2. Supervisor’s email =
    3. The UW UDDS Code to enter is: UD250000-GBY\STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS
  4. Click submit.