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Student Organizations

Reserving a Room

Registered student organization officers and members are able to rent meeting, promotional, and event spaces for free.

Reservation Request
You will need to know the date of the event, the time of the event, the number of people attending the event, and any other special needs concerning the event. Once your needs are assessed, a representative will check availability and assign the appropriate room(s) for your program. 

There is no minimum time requirement for reserving a room. A room can be reserved for up to a year before the date of the event. However, future planning will enable more room choices for your event.

If you need to cancel your program, it is expected that you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the event. 

If the program is to extend past normal building hours, special permission will need to be obtained. Notify the receptionist of this special request while making your reservation.

Contact at or 920-465-2462 with any questions.

Phoenix Park - Fire Pit

If you would like to use the Phoenix Fire Pit please complete the Fire Pit Request Form.

Fire Pit Request Form
A fire permit is required to use the Phoenix Park Fire Pit. Please review the Phoenix Park Fire Pit Guidelines here before making your reservation.

Questions may be directed to the University Union Building Operations Manager at or call at 920-465-2328.


Please fill out this form to submit a catering request. Please remember:

  • 3 working day notice for refreshments
  • 7 working day notice for small luncheons or small banquets
  • 14 working day notice for large banquets or catered events

Click here to view the Student Org Catering Menu and additional information about catering. The Student Organization Finance office also has resources available to make purchases through the Corner Store.

Catering Menu
All foods and beverages served in the University Union must be purchased through the University Dining Service. Any exceptions require an approved Non-Standard Food Authorization Form which can be found by clicking the link below.

Non-Standard Food Event Authorization