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Civic Scholars Leadership Program

Cultivating Citizen Leaders

The Civic Scholars Leadership program, piloted during the 2019-2020 academic year, is designed to prepare sophomore students to become civic professionals and citizen leaders through sustained interdisciplinary civic engagement and scholarship with a focus on the City of Green Bay.

Through workshops in the fall semester, students will visit community organizations with specific sector focuses such as education, environment, arts, history, and more. Students will learn from community leaders about the opportunities and challenges that face our city, while also exploring their own civic identities. Students will gain knowledge of civic, nonprofit and business infrastructure in the Greater Green Bay area, strengthen their ability to analyze complex social issues, and connect and apply knowledge from their civic engagement experiences back to their areas of study.

In spring, students will have the opportunity to conduct an entry-level internship with a partner community organization. The program will culminate at the end of the academic year when participants will be recognized for their successful completion of the program by the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor’s Office at a celebration event.

Civic scholars at the Neville Museum
Interested in Becoming a Civic Scholar?

We are looking fo?r enthusiastic sophomore students who want to become civically engaged and increase their community awareness of the City of Green Bay.

Civic Scholars Alumni

Read what our alumni had to say about the program.

Interested in Hosting a Civic Scholar?

We welcome representatives from partner organizations, knowledgeable about processes and procedures, and willing to shepherd an intern. 

Alumni Updates

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