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Newman Civic Fellowship

The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country. The fellowship, named for Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, provides training and resources that nurture students’ assets and passions to help them develop strategies to achieve social change. Through the fellowship, Campus Compact provides learning opportunities focused on the skills fellows need in order to serve as effective agents of change in addressing public problems and building equitable communities. The fellowship is a one-year experience for students in which fellows have access to in-person and virtual learning opportunities, networking events, attendance at the national conference in Boston, MA and mentoring from a local community leader. While the fellowship experience is limited to one year, participants in the Newman Civic Fellowship are invited to join a national network of community-committed peers and to enter into a long-term community of Newman Civic Fellows.

Student applications are available in the fall semester – if you are interested in applying to become a Newman Civic Fellow or would like more information, please contact us!

2022-2023: Zea Miller

Zea Miller (she/they) is a second-generation student, double major in Environmental Policy and Planning and Political Science with a minor in Global Studies and will be graduating in spring 2023. Zea has a passion for environmental justice issues which started at a young age which has helped lead them to the academic and civic path they are on today. Zea has strong sense of connection to the Green Bay area and feels their passion for a healthy and safe living environment for all could be used to greatly improve our community. On campus, Zea is involved in the Environmental Affairs Committee of the Student Government Organization to provide our students a voice within our campus legislation, particularly when it comes to environmental issues. Zea strongly believes everyone deserves a chance to live in a clean and healthy environment, and they plan to help give people the power to make that a reality. Click here to learn more.

Community Mentor: Casey Hicks, Organizing Director, Wisconsin Conservation Voters

Zea Miller
2021-2022: Hannah Beauchamp-Pope

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope, a second year student at UW Green Bay, has a deep commitment to social change in our country. Through her own personal life experiences, she has developed a passion for advocating for empathy in mental health, prison systems and other human service entities. She has a strong belief that our country needs to focus on love of humanity to heal our divisions and achieve long term social change in American institutions. Ms. Beauchamp-Pope is active both on campus and in the community. She serves as the Vice President of the Black Student Union, and was instrumental in planning Black History Month activities and our community Kwanzaa Celebration. Hannah also works with a local homeless shelter and as a leader in creating a nonprofit organization to address social injustices in our country. Click here to learn more.

Community Mentor: Amy Olson Guillen, Bilingual School Psychologist, Diversity Leadership Advisor, Green Bay Area Public School District, Preble High School

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope
2020-2021 UW-Green Bay Newman Civic Fellow & Mentor:

Trenton Ebel, a junior at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, epitomizes the problem-focused, interdisciplinary learning our campus values, as well as the core principles and commitments of the Fellowship program, and will no doubt leave a lasting impression on this campus and community. Mr. Ebel is personally passionate about overcoming the bitter partisan divides in the United States. His interest in overcoming partisanship emerges in part from his background working in faith-based volunteering and non-profits, which also awakened a passion for racial justice. He’s worked in electoral politics and also as a mentor in the Green Bay Public Schools Upward Bound program. His combination of coursework, majors, and minors, in Spanish, German, as well as Democracy and Justice Studies offer a unique set of political and social skills, as does his commitment to the region of the Midwest.

Community Mentor: Bob Hornacek, Assistant Executive Director, Paul’s Pantry

Trenton Ebel
2019-2020 UW-Green Bay Newman Civic Fellow & Mentor:

Jordyn Gaurkee, a Democracy and Justice Studies major, is an involved advocate and leader on campus. Gaurkee is spearheading the development of a judicial advocate program at UW Green Bay as a result of her own personal experiences and her independent study titled ‘Advocacy and Title IX’. Her ultimate goal through this initiative is to help re-formulate campus sexual assault policy and procedures and be an advocate for victims of sexual assault. Gaurkee also founded a new sorority on campus focused on this and related issues and engaged in volunteer work with local domestic violence and food security shelters. Click here to read more.

Community Mentor: Holli Fisher, Program Director, Golden House

Jordyn Gaurkee
2018-2019 UW Green Bay Newman Civic Fellow & Mentor:

First-year student Zoe Betancourt named Newman Civic Fellow Zoe Betancourt, a first-year student at UW Green Bay, is an emerging student leader in multicultural mentorship and sustainable change with a focus on "U.S. and the World." This year, she is working with her first-year seminar class to develop a high school mentoring program for first-generation college students as a service-learning research project. Building on her work in high school as a mentor, she has already taken a leading role in student organizations and creating a multicultural sorority to support diverse students and combat educational inequality.

Community Mentor: Celestine Jeffreys, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office, City of Green Bay

Zoe Betancourt