About Owen and Elspeth

The UW-Green Bay Viking House was donated to the campus by Owen and Elspeth Christianson in Fall 2017. Retiring to the east coast, the couple gifted the house to the UWGB campus, where it will be used for educational hands-on learning for students and the public. Owen Christianson works as consulting research scientist/engineer and specializes in superconductivity, cryogenics and thermal aspects of generator and motor design. Elspeth Christianson worked as a physician specializing in pediatric genetics.

The couple has studied Viking-age Scandinavia for over 40 years and built the Viking House in 2011 on their land near Stratford, Wisconsin. They both remain active in the reenactor community today.  In his article To Build a Grind Building, A Viking Age LONGhouse that “We, my wife and I, wanted to build a meeting place in the style of the Viking Age, and create a facility in which to more closely duplicate life during the Viking Age; and we wanted to share our re-creation of Viking Age life with others in a contemporary environment.” (Christianson, To Build a Grind Building, A Viking Age LONGhouse, Tournaments Illuminated, 2013, p 14).

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus is excited to further Owen and Elspeth’s dream for the house and continue to share the Christianson’s re-creation of Viking Age life with others. The campus is deeply grateful for their donation.