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Overview of the Program

The UW-Green Bay Water Science program is an integrated program designed to provide students with the tools necessary to solve the water related challenges of today and tomorrow. Students may complete program requirements in four years. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, with a core set of courses drawn from geoscience, chemistry, environmental science, biology, physics, math and statistics, and public and environmental affairs. In addition, a diverse set of elective courses allow students to focus on subdisciplines in water science that can meet their career needs and interests. The major requirements are comprised of 71 credits, which include 33 credits of supporting courses, 22 credits of upper level core courses, and 16 credits of upper level electives. The comprehensive major has a principal focus on water’s role in natural processes in Earth’s systems. These skills include a solid understanding of the chemistry, surface water hydrology, groundwater, and biology of freshwater systems. UW-Green Bay Water Science majors have opportunities to work as research assistants on faculty projects, develop internships, or to conduct their own independent projects. UW-Green Bay faculty members are very active in research on water and wastewater treatment, runoff pollution, stream hydrology, groundwater quantity and quality, limnology, and aquatic ecology.

Courses Offered

These are the courses offered by the Water Science program. For a full list of courses available to water science majors, please view the Major Requirements page.

Curriculum Guide

View the Curriculum Guide on the UW-Green Bay Catalog of an example of a four-year Water Science program representation of one possible pathway. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and check with your advisor to ensure that they have the most accurate and up-to-date information available about a particular four-year degree option. Because some courses are fall/spring and even/odd year basis, timing of certain courses may vary. Students are encouraged to consider a minor that pairs well with Water Science. 120 credits necessary to graduate.

Additional Program Information