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About the Program

We are a network of teachers and students from eleven area high schools and we monitor seven environmentally impaired streams in the Fox River watershed for water quality and ecological health. We take on the role of scientists and explore local streams and waterways, in partnership with the scientific community. Standardized methods and annual teacher training sessions allow our students to collect quality-assured data in their watersheds.

Our data provides a measurement of pollution that flows to the Fox River and Bay of Green Bay. This runoff pollution is the type of pollution that contributes to the much publicized “dead zone” in the bay of Green Bay. So beyond the innovative educational benefits our program provides for our students, we also provide the community with crucial data about our water quality that can be used to assess long-term trends and evaluate restoration efforts.

“This monitoring program engages students and teachers in hands-on science in their watersheds and is preparing our water planners, scientists, engineers, managers and leaders of the future. These efforts are consistent with regional goals that seek to improve and promote a quality environment that supports a vibrant economy and workforce.”

Kevin Fermanich
Project Director Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program

Our school monitoring network is administered by the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences and the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. This association also gives us the huge advantage of access to the top watershed scientists in Northeast Wisconsin. UW-Green Bay has a long history and recognized strength in environmental science.

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