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Mission and Goals

Envision a future where scientifically literate citizens work together within businesses, industries, institutions and government to enhance the economic and social well-being of our community by protecting our most valuable natural assets, the Fox River and Bay of Green Bay.

It is the mission of the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program to couple watershed education with the collection of top quality scientific data. Our program strengthens citizen knowledge of issues impairing the health of our fresh water resources and inspires community stewardship of the Fox-Wolf River Basin and Green Bay.

Our goals focus on the three cornerstones of science, education, and community:

  1. Contribute to the development of a long-term water quality database that can be used to educate the community about watersheds and inform resource management actions

  2. Enhance teacher ability to teach watershed science

  3. Provide ongoing opportunities for high-school students and teachers to engage in hands-on science and to interact with university scientists, resource managers and community professionals

  4. Improve student, teacher and community stewardship and understanding of watershed and land use impacts on water quality and stream ecosystems