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Apple Creek

Appleton East HS

Apple Creek Team

The Apple Creek Team is led by Ryan Marx who works with students from Appleton East High School.

Apple Creek runs mostly through agricultural land, but also flows through a forested golf course and urban development before it flows into the Fox River near Wrightstown. Apple Creek is primarily dominated by agricultural land use, with some urbanizing areas in the headwaters. The total watershed area is approximately 140 square km, with 117 square km upstream of the USGS monitoring station located at the Apple Creek Campground. The boundary for the area draining to the USGS site is shown by the solid black line on the land use map at the right. Appleton East High School monitors at both the USGS site and at the French Road bridge on the South Branch of the creek. The French Road site was chosen to compare rural and urban land use impacts within the stream.

Links to Apple Creek Data