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Baird Creek

Green Bay East High School

Baird Creek Team

Students and teachers from Luxemburg-Casco began monitoring the stream in 2003 and Green Bay Preble High School joined the team in 2004. Baird Creek was monitored from 2003-2016 by these schools. In 2019 Green Bay East High School took over the monitoring.

Baird Creek originates from wetlands in mostly agricultural and rural areas, running eventually through suburban and urban developments on the east side of the city of Green Bay. Much of the urban parkway is now a city-owned conservancy managed by the city and the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation.

Baird Creek drains approximately 68 square km. A USGS monitoring station located at Superior Road catches 56 square km of drainage area, comprised of approximately 13 square km of urbanizing land use between Superior and Northview Roads and 43 square km of agricultural land upstream of Northview. The boundary for the area draining to the USGS site is shown by the solid black line on the land use map at the right. Downstream of the USGS station is approximately 12 square km of urban land use.


  • Students from the Luxemburg-Casco Environmental Club have partnered with students from Baird Elementary School in Green Bay over several years to introduce younger students to environmental science.
  • The Baird Creek Team has also conducted summer fish surveys in the Creek over several years.
  • Data collected by the Baird Creek team is being used to evaluate the success of buffer strips installed in the upper reaches of the creek as part of an EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant to Brown County and The Baird Creek Preservation Foundation.

Links to Baird Creek Data