Parkview Middle School

Dutchman's Creek Team

Students and teachers from Ashwaubenon High School monitored the water quality in Dutchman's Creek from 2011-2017. The Green Bay Boys and Girls Club assisted in 2011-2012.  In 2019 teachers and students from Parkview Middle School took over the monitoring.

Dutchman's Creek originates in rural agricultural lands in Outagamie County. The stream passes through increasingly higher density developments before it enters the Fox River at Cooke Park on Green Bay's west side.

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Wild Rice Project

Jodie Schenk's sixth grade students at Parkview Middle School in Ashwaubenonbegan piloting the first restoration project for the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program in March of 2020.  The students planted buckets of wild rice to grow and observe in their classroom. At the end of the school year the students planned to go out to Barkhausen Wildlife Preserve and plant their wild rice plants as part of a Green Bay restoration project. But....COVID-19 struck.  The buckets of wild rice were moved to the UW-Green Bay greenhouse where they were cared for and then transplanted to Barkhausen in the spring by UW-Green Bay staff. 

A teacher workshop was held in August of 2020 where more teachers were trained to grow wild rice in their classrooms.  We hope for more schools to now be involved in restoration work along the bay of Green Bay.