Annual Student Symposium

Watershed Team
Each year, our work culminates in a one-day Watershed Symposium held at UW-Green Bay.  The symposium provides an opportunity for student-teacher teams, program partners, agency representatives, and community members to exchange ideas and share research findings with panel discussions, posters and presentations.  Student teams can compare data from their streams with that of the other stream teams, in order to assess and improve stream health.  The symposium provides high school students with a rare opportunity to interact with researchers in water quality fields.

Sample Agenda for Annual Student Watershed Symposium: 

  • This year's event will present an overview of restoration in the Bay. Our guest speakers will include UW Green Bay students and faculty.

    • 8:30-11:00 (Public Program)

    • 8:30: Registration

    • 8:45: Plenary Speakers

    • 11:45-2:30  Example of activities: tour of STEM Engineering building, Quiz Bowl, off site tours, hands on training with an expert.

Schedule and Program 

Please contact program coordinator at for more information.