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Make a Gift

Make a Gift

When you donate to the LFRWMP, you make an investment in science education and water quality in our communities. Your gift will be used to:

  • Sustain the program and facilitate continued community centered science education opportunities.
  • Continue to build a long term water quality dataset for the Lower Fox watershed.
  • Expand the program to include more schools and creeks within the watershed.

We share your passion for community based science education. We need your support. Please join our supporters and sponsors. Your support helps us provide resources and teach students to become better stewards of our local water resources. Please join our supporters and sponsors. Visit for more information and to donate. Thank you for your support. There are 3 ways you can contribute to the program.

Your donation of any size will help to fuel our program’s mission to inspire citizens to protect our most valuable natural assets, the Fox-Wolf River Basin and Bay of Green Bay. Your donation provides unrestricted funds that support coordination, equipment and supplies, and teacher support. Your tax deductible gift ensures that the watershed program continues and advances its mission.

Build the Endowment

Make a Gift

Please help us fulfill our goals by contributing to our endowment fund. Endowment Funds provide on-going stability to the program by paying out interest to provide resources to maintain the current program. Our goal is to build the endowment so that will support the coordination and support the continued monitoring of our 10 core streams. Your donation will help make our program a significant water monitoring and education program for many years to come.

Support a Stream Team

Creating authentic science based learning experiences requires a significant commitment of time and money. Our teachers put in many extra-curricular hours working with their teams. We use high quality professional water monitoring equipment in order for our data to be meaningful and useful to outside agencies and to provide our students with a real-life on-the-job experience. Water sampling requires the use of chemicals and other disposable supplies that must be purchased each year. Our part-time coordinator works diligently often switch hats as she manages budgets, raises funds, organizes and provides training, collects and quality checks data, supervises student interns and volunteers, and manages lab equipment and supplies.

Sponsoring a team is a great opportunity to show you or your organization’s commitment to positively impacting life in northeast Wisconsin. Your support helps us provide resources and teach students to become better stewards of our local water resources. There are seven teams composed of students and teachers from 11 area schools working on tributary streams throughout the Lower Fox River Basin

Learn more about the teams

Contact to learn how to sponsor a team.