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Start building your web expertise today! Gain editor access to our CMS with our mandatory web editor course, or brush up on skills with on-demand video tutorials and detailed written guides.

Kentico Training

Web Editor Training

As of December 2023, you must complete this Kentico Xperience 13 Web Editor Training in order to edit webpages in Kentico. This free, self-paced Canvas course combines web fundamentals and the technical skills of using UW-Green Bay's web content management system, and will take two to three hours to complete. It is a combination of text, videos, quizzes, and additional resource links. When you complete the course, you’ll be able to submit the Kentico Access Form at the end of the training to gain editor access to your specific sites in K13.

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Who Should Take the Training?

Everyone is welcome to take the training. Even if you aren’t a Kentico editor but want to know more about our web best practices, you may want to check out the Web Fundamentals portion of this training. For current web editors and those who have recently requested to be editors, you should be accessing your sites frequently (more than once each month) to remember the basics of using Kentico and practicing web fundamentals. If you are an editor who uses Kentico less frequently, we encourage you to consider finding another editor in your area to make your changes or send them to

How-to Videos

Just want the videos? This video playlist includes walk-throughs and demonstrations that were recorded for the Kentico Xperience 13 Web Editor Training.

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Written Help

We have helpful guides, tips, tricks and written step-by-step tutorials available. They are broken down by topic.

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Extra Help

We are available if your learning style is better one on one. Send a request ticket with your availability.

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LinkedIn Learning Web Tutorials

Utilizing our partnership with LinkedIn Learning. We've put together a small curriculum that will get anyone up to speed with web basics. 

  1. Login to LinkedIn Learning 
  2. Click each link below to learn the topic

What makes a good website?

A good website has...

What makes an effective website?

An effective website has...

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looking for Web Help?

If you are looking for website troubleshooting, need something updated or just need some web help—please let us know. 

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