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Certificate Programs

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Need advanced skills fast? Try a certificate.

Ever wish you could get the same quality UW-Green Bay education, but in a shorter timeframe to fit your lifestyle? Well, you can. Whether you need professional development to maintain credentials, or you just want to grow your skills with classes—these credit or noncredit certificates are a great solution to help you advance.

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Certificate Programs

All of our credit and noncredit certificate programs are listed below.

Business Certificates

If you are interested in adding a new professional skill to your portfolio to advance your career or take it in a different direction, UW-Green Bay offers a variety of credit and noncredit business certificates.

Education Certificates

UW-Green Bay offers you for-credit certificates to assist on your journey to become a substitute teacher or add TESL or Phy Ed credentials to your resume.

Government & Nonprofit Certificates

UW-Green Bay offers credit and noncredit certificates to broaden your understanding of government and nonprofit areas including leading, planning and politics.

Healthcare & Human Services

Our credit, noncredit and graduate health and human services certificates can help you improve health and healthcare delivery at a variety of levels. Find which one is right for you!

Advancing Caregivers in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) launched a new, free professional workforce advancement program to increase the number of direct care workers in home and community-based settings. UW-Green Bay is the educational partner of DHS for the Certified Direct Care Professional (CDCP) program

Leadership & Workforce Certificates

You are ready to advance into leadership or are already there and interested in learning how to improve your workforce or workplace culture. UW-Green Bay offers a variety of credit and noncredit leadership and support certificates to meet your needs.

Science & Engineering Certificates

Expand your scientific or engineering knowledge by taking one or more of our certificates. We offer opportunities for you to advance your understanding in an area or expertise or try something new.

Special Interest Certificates

UW-Green Bay offers credit and noncredit certificates to broaden your understanding of unique interests and provide specialized knowledge and personal enrichment. 

Sustainability Certificates

It's in our DNA. As the original Eco U®, UW-Green Bay is proud to offer credit and noncredit sustainability certificates to continue to help you learn to advocate for the people and planet around you.

Talent & Recruitment Certificates

UW-Green Bay offers noncredit certificates to support your efforts in attracting and retaining quality employees and training them for key roles. 

Certificate Types

UW-Green Bay offers three different types of certificates.

Noncredit Certificates

Noncredit certificates are the most agile we offer—making them our fastest and lowest-cost options. No application is required to sign up. Start earning digital badges to power up your resume.

Noncredit Certificates

For Credit Certificates

Earn college credit with these certificate courses. So, if you choose to pursue a degree in the future, this coursework will count toward its completion. Also, these programs are accredited, so they're held to a very high standard.

Undergraduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates offer credentials in specialized areas to provide you with skills in compact, highly curated packages. Credits earned in graduate certificates can also contribute toward completing a graduate degree. You will need your bachelor's degree to enroll in these certificates.

Graduate Certificates
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If you need additional guidance, please contact Kayle Petitjean, Office of Professional Continuing Education, at or 920-465-2642.

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