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Learning Options

Online, In-person & in-between

The right way to learn is what's right for you.

You are an individual and also part of something bigger—a community of learners. At UW-Green Bay you will experience faculty who care about your success and are committed to helping you reach your goals. Our faculty are not only experts in their fields, but they have also continued their professional development in the areas of virtual learning to be ready to give you the quality classroom experience you deserve.

Classroom Options

Want to know more about your classroom options? See the seven different course delivery modes below. Please note that all audio and video class formats require students to have a webcam-enabled device in order to fully participate.

In Person Class

In-Person (P)

In-Person classes are scheduled to meet on-campus during a set day/time. The class may have some online components, but the majority of the interaction will be provided during the in-person class time.

Hybrid Class

Hybrid (H)

  • Audio
  • Video

Hybrid classes are a mix of regularly scheduled in-person meetings on campus during a set day/time and online activities. The online activities may be either asynchronous (without scheduled meetings, students work on their own time) or synchronous (scheduled meetings).

Demo Hybrid Course
Blended Class

Blended (B)

  • Audio
  • Video

Blended classes are mostly online, but the class meets in-person strategically throughout the semester, perhaps for exams or student presentations. The in-person class meetings are scheduled on specific dates at a set day/time. The online portion of the course may be either asynchronous (without scheduled meetings, students work on their own time) or synchronous (scheduled meetings).

Demo Blended Course
Online Class

Online (O)

  • Audio
  • Video

Online classes are asynchronous (without mandatory scheduled meetings). While there are still due dates often associated with modules, weeks, or units of the course, students can plan to do the course work when they have time to do so. Any synchronous (scheduled) class meetings are voluntary and recorded to share with all students.

Demo Online Course

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom (V)

  • Audio
  • Video

Virtual Classroom classes are scheduled to meet online during a set day/time. This synchronous online platform allows faculty to provide lectures, group work, real-time discussion or Q&A.

Demo Virtual Classroom

Interactive Video Course

Interactive Video (CT)

  • Audio
  • Video

Interactive Video campus-to-campus courses are scheduled to meet on-campus during a set day/time and are held in Distance Education specialty rooms. The instructor and some students attend in-person at one campus while the remaining students attend in-person at one or more other campuses. Everyone attends in-person at two or more locations. Class sessions are not recorded. There will be a Special Note added to these classes indicating they are campus-to-campus.

In Person with Streaming Capability

In Person with Streaming Capability (C)

In-Person with Streaming Capability classes are scheduled to meet on-campus during a set day/time and are held in classrooms with special Distance Education technology. The faculty member attends in-person at one campus. The students may attend in-person in the classroom with the faculty member, virtually during the scheduled class time, or watch the recording of the class at a later time. Students attending virtually cannot interact with the in-person class. Class sessions are recorded and shared.

Want to check a specific course?

You can view the mode of instruction for a course via either of the options below:

Option 1

  1. Go to the Schedule of Classes
  2. Search for a class
  3. Click the desired class title

Option 2 (if you're already enrolled)

  1. Log in to your SIS account
  2. Go to your class schedule
  3. Click the section number of the desired class
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Figuring out your course delivery can be complicated. Don't be afraid to ask for help. We're here in the GB One Stop Shop to help you find the online, in-person, hybrid, blended or virtual classroom course information you need.