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Options for High School Students


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College Credit for High School Students

If you are a current high school student, UW-Green Bay has great options for you to earn college credits.  Learn more about the programs we offer.

College Credit in High School

The College Credit in High School (CCIHS) program allows students to take a UW-Green Bay class in their high school classrooms while earning both high school and transcript college credits. High school teachers teaching CCIHS courses are approved by UW-Green Bay as adjunct instructors. Learn more about College Credit in High School.

Early College Credit Program

Students admitted to the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) take UW-Green Bay courses on one of the UW-Green Bay campuses or online with other UW-Green Bay students. This program involves collaboration with UW-Green Bay, students’ high school counselors and students’ school districts. Learn more about the Early College Credit Program.

Dual Enrollment Access Academy

The Dual Enrollment Access Academy provides students with access to online dual credit courses. These online courses are only available to high school students and follow the high school semester schedule. Learn more about the Dual Enrollment Access Academy.

High School Special
High School Special students take courses for transcript credits at UW-Green Bay campuses or online with other UW-Green Bay students. Students enrolling as a High School Special are responsible for tuition. For more information please contact