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Steps to Academy Enrollment

How to Enroll

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Review & Select Courses

Review and select available courses. If appropriate, students can discuss with a school counselor courses with best potential for dual enrollment. Identify chosen courses in priority order.

Browse Available Courses

Complete Enrollment Form

Complete enrollment form indicating desired courses and, if appropriate, submit to student's high school for pre-approval. Student, parent or guardian must sign the enrollment form, indicating approval of any costs.

Complete the Form (PDF)

Submit Enrollment Form

Submit enrollment form to

To complete the admissions process, we may, where needed, require a student's high school transcript and/or other materials.

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Before we can register a student for courses, they will need to complete a UW System application as a high school non-degree applicant.

It sounds worse than it is. Follow these easy steps.

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Register for Courses

Upon receipt of application, we will register student for courses. The student will receive a confirmation email with info about the course and instructions for logging into email and Canvas, our course management system.

Once a student is registered, they will receive payment information.

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Two Words: College Bound!

Students begin their college journey. Be aware that each college or university transfers dual enrollment credit their own way, so plan ahead with our helpful guide.

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